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"First Bell"

June 28, 2010
By Erica Tuckerman BRONZE, Newfield, New York
Erica Tuckerman BRONZE, Newfield, New York
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Row after Row
Of lockers
All green
in uniform.

Among the white walls
Rough and bumpy
Stretching from the doors
to every classroom.

the many people.
Tall, short, loud, quiet
Different people walking.

Lines start at the silver water fountain,
Drip, drop.
the white bathroom sinks go off,

Many teachers standing
At their brown doors.
With their stressed faces.

They begin their long school day.
Some are late,
students crowd those doors.

I look back to see
Row after Row
Of lockers,
All green
In uniform.

The author's comments:
the first day of school inspired this

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