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June 27, 2010
By InkDance PLATINUM, Sylvania, Ohio
InkDance PLATINUM, Sylvania, Ohio
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The only difference between highschoolers and preschoolers is that preschoolers get naptime.

I arrive at the party
All sparkling eyes and straight hair
Wearing a pretty dress just short enough to attract attention
But long enough so it's decent
My heels accentuate my long legs
And a smile follows me wherever I go

They want to talk to me
I love how the short dress hides awkwardness
How straight hair smoothes over the wrong words
The eyeliner erases disinterest
They love me here
The guys, the adults- everyone

Out of the corner of my eye I see
A girl playing cornhole with a little boy
She's wearing black soccer shorts
A white sports bra
A white tank top
Her hair pulled back into a ponytail

I think of how I'm over here
And she's over there
Me, laughing flirtatiously with high school guys
She, laughing openly with a little boy
And I wish
That I had worn shorts today

The author's comments:
It always seems that no matter how much eyeliner I put on to make myself pretty, I'm blown out of the water by the girl who doesn't put any on.

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