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Truths Better Said

June 27, 2010
By aliceoblivious PLATINUM, Florida, Florida
aliceoblivious PLATINUM, Florida, Florida
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"Your out of your tree." "It's not my tree."

triple faced, disguised
by welcoming smile
carefree and accepting
look beneath the layers
i am nothing
selfcentered loathing
i don't know what i am anymore
so many pieces and lies
feel next to nothing
one thing in my heart
i'll always be misery
so selfish, out of control
do anything to find a smile
destroy hurt...laugh
cold empty laughter
washing myself in a moment
of joy i can't have
part of me knows
the rest doesn't care
merely wants its desires
impurity, falling apart
he's wrong...
my surface is lovely
deep down inside
im rotten

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