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June 27, 2010
By aliceoblivious PLATINUM, Florida, Florida
aliceoblivious PLATINUM, Florida, Florida
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chasing smiles and butterflies
impurity, lustful rememberence
masquerading as happiness
but it's not gonna last
never gonna last
this fleeting laughter on
sunlit highways last noon
it will all pass
there's no grasping to
things that never existed
can pretend all we want
but i'm still falling through
this game burns my throat
coughing up what's left of
sweet, sickly innocence
steel against warmth
it flees my skin in a breath
leaving a warped deformed
figment of imaginations
left behind in years by
slipping in all the grotesque
images of perfection
how i should be
formulated and set out to dry
chasing smiles and butterflies

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