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The Escape Artist

June 27, 2010
By aliceoblivious PLATINUM, Florida, Florida
aliceoblivious PLATINUM, Florida, Florida
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"Your out of your tree." "It's not my tree."

life is a liars game
not to forget who you are
but what you're becoming
and in finding your path
treading on others
not knowing how to face
them when mistakes are made
beyond forgiveness now
don't pretend to deal
most of you is happy
loving life and him
but can't just drop
friendships and disasters
to run away from f*** ups
all you do is run
from point to point looking
back but never slowing
wanting to say you're sorry
but knowing it'll only cause
a bigger distaster than one
swift cut
shattering dear friendship
to spare yourself
the embarassment of explaining
why you're running in the first place
why you lied and pretended
a twisted fairy tale while running
from something else
but when those fears settled
the lives you built in the mean time remain
so you run and run and run
circles, wishing everything away
that only he remained that
he was all you worried about
but the world you pulled from
the remains shadows you like a curse
and the old days make you wish
that you'd never run that first time
so no one would hurt
this ghastly cast that flutters
those you love and care about
but you run from them
because you use and destroy
selfish masks
when you need
so leave behind those friends
you need them oh so much
you use them to gain and
bring a smile
but you only hurt them
so this is the only way..
so you focus on him and run from
the rest of the world
and are happy.

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