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Given an Arch, Given a Choice

July 24, 2010
By InkDance PLATINUM, Sylvania, Ohio
InkDance PLATINUM, Sylvania, Ohio
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Is that an arch up there I spy?
Way up in the red-tossed sky?
An arch, a door, a gateway through
The answer, a riddle, I give to you

What has a hundred wheels to ride
But no freedom to turn aside
From a path that's all laid out
Never plagued by chance or doubt

Now let me ask you questions more:
How will you enter the arching door?
With tracks in front, with safety's guard
Or will you become the daring bard?

For gather closely, I'll give a peep:
No story was made without the leap
And when through the gateway you are thrown
As whom would you like to be forever known?

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