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My Life

July 17, 2010
By KevinM PLATINUM, Xxxxx, Arkansas
KevinM PLATINUM, Xxxxx, Arkansas
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my life is full of buried hopes and dreams
it holds pieces of others
some bigger than others

someones life in a book tells the parts most remembered
you have to look at their heart to see the whole story
the more damage the taller the wall

the worse the pain the thicker it is
people look for cracks in that wall
but can find none

so they start chiseling
trying to get but a glimpse of another's pain
their past

their stories held secret
but the wall is to thick to break
and to tall to climb

you look in others
just to find that you are the same
a person with a wall shielding

guarding your heart from
fakes and phony's
we use smiles to hide our pain

we let no one see us when we are broken
we have a plastic smile glued to our face
cause if you make them all believe it maybe

you can believe it to
but how long can you hide the tears
your hopes and dreams dead in a graveyard

will one day lead you there too
the walls will still stand
with the wreckage inside

and that big plastic smile
glued to your face
never to be set free

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