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bits of you

July 10, 2010
By ZoeRocksYourBrain GOLD, Reno, Nevada
ZoeRocksYourBrain GOLD, Reno, Nevada
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There are more of you than you know
Two to start with
The one we see
And the one we don’t
The one you hide
And the one you show
Then with every little lie they grow
And multiply
These lies are invisible
Fleeting ghosts
Not leaving tracks in our minds
Only stains in your soul
These personalities start one by one
The one for teachers
The one for friends
The one for mom
The one for dad
The one for means
And one for ends
Then one more and more and more
They bury the part of you that wears the shield
Until it’s lost to view
Starving it of the little sunlight it had before
You shoved it in the basement
And to you it is
As it always was to a degree
But now it is
Impossible to find
When you need it the most
The last ingredient to the recipe is time
Give it some
Then the soul withers
Soon it dies

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