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Already dead

July 12, 2010
By katie_bugg GOLD, Scott Depot, West Virginia
katie_bugg GOLD, Scott Depot, West Virginia
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"But my heart, it is brighter than all the many stars in the sky"

-Edgar Allan Poe

Take my life,
I've already wasted the most,
Show me my past,
I have much to regret,
and none to boast,
Please tell me the truth,
are you going to kill me,
if you do,
do me a favor,
kill me slowly,
I enjoy the pain,
I'll even smile for you,
please just do it,
I'm waiting,
ever so patiently,
feel free to take pictures,
my daddy says I'm beautiful,
feel free to laugh,
I'll laugh along with you,
just do one more thing,
show me our face,
i want to see skin before i go,
now that I've seen you,
blow off my head,
but you're too late,
I'm already dead,
let me pull the trigger,
take your hand away from mine,
the Gods have chosen my fate,
soon my heart will stay in a straight line,
to feel uneasy is the understatement of the year,
just let me go,
and stop whispering in my ear,
the cold metal,
is pressed against my temple.
It's time to feel what I'm truly meant for.

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