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This Kingdom

July 7, 2010
By K.D.Ross GOLD, Hickory Hills, Illinois
K.D.Ross GOLD, Hickory Hills, Illinois
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“Sin tastes like chocolate,
And I’ve got a sweet tooth.”
I warned her
As she disregarded my claim,
Ignored my bout of chaos,
And sat next to my throne,
Cross-legged, in rebellion,
The only other in My lonely

“Hate feels like snow,
And my touch is ice.”
I reminded,
As she wore her crown,
And grabbed the hand
I told her icy,

“Death sounds like silence,
And my voice is but a rasp.”
I told her,
And she shook her head,
And laughed.
All the while
Telling me, of all things,
I’m a bad liar.

“Smoke is the scent of pain,
But I approve of this heat.”
I informed her,
Then my self-proclaimed Queen,
Nodded as if she always knew.
With that same smirk I knew
So well,
And I felt at home
For the first time in My own

“The moonlight is true sight,
But only reflected from your eyes.”
I cemented into her brain,
Then she,
For once,
Was speechless.
And she stared at me,
Proving my words
Too true.

“Love is Our kingdom,
But only if you promise to stay.”
And my Queen,
Tasting my lips,
Feeling my touch,
Hearing my words,
Seeing my enamor,
Embracing my aroma,
Made our promise.

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