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Staring Into the Sun

July 3, 2010
By Fungi-Portal SILVER, Montreal, Other
Fungi-Portal SILVER, Montreal, Other
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He sits there
Blinking quickly because the sun is directly overhead
And it’s hurting his eyes
At least, he thinks it is

He sits on the park bench, watching the world go by
The river sparkles in the blinding sunlight
Sending rainbows playing joyfully
Across the water towards the crystal clear sky
The sky is vast and endless
Far off in the distance, a bird flies away from its nest
Into the unknown of that never ending horizon

Hi sits quietly on the park bench
Stained from years of usage and neglect
If you looked underneath
You would find five years worth of chewing gum
Some rock solid and grey
Others still sticky to the touch
But he won’t look under there
Not today, not ever
Because he can’t

He sits for a long time, hands folded neatly in his lap
For what? You may ask
A miracle
He stares silently into the glorious sun
A tear drops from the corner of his eye
Onto his left hand
He wipes it quickly away and sits some more
He’s still waiting for his miracle
He looks into the sun
His own personal miracle
His imagination
For he is old and he is blind
And he cannot see

The author's comments:
A friend had told me the story of a man in the hospital. His roommate had his bed next to the window and every day he would describe the wonders he saw. When he died, the man moved next to the window and discovered that there was no window. His roommate had been blind and was using his imagination the whole time.

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