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Hiding Behind Eyeliner

June 15, 2010
By LesKore GOLD, Renton, Washington
LesKore GOLD, Renton, Washington
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Do you ever get the feeling
That you're a complete fake
When it comes to other people
And the actions that you take?

Like no one ever sees
Exactly who you are
And when you’re near to others
You couldn't be more far?

Like there's nothing you can do
To show them all the truth
Exactly what's inside
To the depths of your roots

They only get the surface
The mask worn out of habit
I don't know how to take it off
Of how to act without it

My words all have a hollow tone
A falsified ring of sincerity
I wonder if anyone can hear it
The lack of authenticity

Reduced to hide within myself
Cursed by my own design
I can't figure out how to show them
So I'm left locked up inside

I want to stand before everyone
Laid bare for all to see
But how do I go about
Revealing the true me?

My multifaceted personality
So flawed and yet unique
Smothered by a bland identity
That other's have forced on me

It’s hard to break through assumption,
What the collective world has ruled
Nearly impossible to correct the presumption
That this artificial semblance is really you

My is soul hidden behind this guarded eyes
Weary from frequent betrayal
Is there anyone who will bother to break down the walls
And free me from Solitude's jail?

It's not entirely the world’s fault
That I'm closed off this way
I'm socially inept now
Without the flamboyance I used to portray

I'm slicing with the eyeliner
across my darkened lids
I'm covering my lashes in makeup
To keep my feelings hidden within

I've collapsed within myself I admit
And I'm not sure how to rebuild
The demolition left such a tattered heart
It'll take some time to be healed

So I guess for now I'll discover myself
All alone in the dark
But someday I will step into the light
And open the door to my heart

The author's comments:
Just thoughts I had recently...

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