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Walk a Little Slower

June 25, 2010
By decembersun14 PLATINUM, Winchester, Massachusetts
decembersun14 PLATINUM, Winchester, Massachusetts
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"Life sucks. A lot. But you just have to keep on going. No matter what happens. You can never ever give up. You just have to roll with the punches, go with the flow, and always try your best to keep on going <3"

Can’t we walk so slowly dear?
Do we really need to run?
I’m afraid that I might trip my love,
And we can still have fun
Walk through the fields of grass
And staring at the stars above.
I’m afraid that I might lose you,
If you go too far ahead my love.
And so I ask you to walk with me
Though we may be going slow,
I think that this I better now
It’s the better way to go.
Don’t think that I don’t love you
For you know that that’s not true.
For all I really want
Is to spend my life with you.
So just walk a little slower now
And then we’ll go your way.
Just walk a little slower dear
And I promise we’ll run someday.

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