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Half open door

June 25, 2010
By Maddie26 GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
Maddie26 GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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There's a half open door in the corner of my room
It stares at me all night
I never worked up the courage to go
But i want to know what's on the other side
Could it be monster's or gouls
Or a land filled with sweets
Or possibly a jungle
Or a creepy old cemetary
I want to know
I want to know what now
My heart says go
My brain says no
And then i hear that creepy sound
There's a half open door in the corner of my room
It stares at me al night
I crept up to the dark shadow
That eats away the light
I swung the door
and peeked my head inside
I was hoping for some monkeys
That would jump at me in suprise
But instead i found some old clothes
From when i was a tot
I was both relieved and disapointed
That i have found my closey

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece to express my feelings from when i was a little girl. I was always afraid of the closet in the corner of my room and it was hard for me to sleep sometimes. But i always had a curiosity and one night, i opened the door. Since i was little, i kind of forgot it was my closet.

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