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Approaching Thunderstorm

June 20, 2010
By Thoughtful-Inker SILVER, Port Neches, Texas
Thoughtful-Inker SILVER, Port Neches, Texas
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Everything is okay is the end; if it's not okay, it's not the end.

It begins as a feeble line just above the horizon.
A cloud simply making its way across the sky,
All the while growing closer, and darker.
Brilliant colors of lightning flicker in the clouds.
Low rumbles of thunder roll across the land
Strong breezes carry with it leaves, and a musty scent.
So vast and ghastly at the sight, innocence recedes, and fury threatens.

A king approaching his fearless servant,
Who stands tall; watching, waiting for the first strike.
Electricity fills the air, intensity increasing a tenfold.
Soft pearly pink joins delicate gray walls of rain, then they fade
Veiled by the dark clouds now above
Falling rain, chilling wind, thrilling thunderr, brilliant lightning
And so, peaceful chaos reigns.

Soon comes the end, with it comes change.
Lagging darkness joins the rays of gold
The weak sky blue line on the horizon expands
Growing stronger with each heartbeat, chasing the monster away.
One last cool breeze flows on through
Carrying the last trace of rain in the atmosphere
Whispering, caressing the skin softly to the touch
Restoring peace as if in apology for its potent friend.

The author's comments:
This piece began to blosson in my mind one year ago as a thundestorm came closer and closer to my home. As I lounged on the back patio, I was describing what I was seeing in the sky, and out came a poem.

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