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Jesus is with Me; My light in the darkness

June 23, 2010
By JennieSmile11 GOLD, Bridgman, Michigan
JennieSmile11 GOLD, Bridgman, Michigan
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I walk along a lonely trail, the only shadow being mine
yet as I realize I am lost, I still feel happy and fine.

It’s getting dark and starting to rain
but I continue on walking, without a clue where I’m headed,
and still I feel no pain.

It’s very late now and what was rain now is hail, but still I’m not afraid
I don’t notice the hail pricking my skin, though it’s just as sharp as a blade.

I see a dark figure that lets out deep howls
but I still keep on smiling and wonder why I’m not scared
as another figure growls.

Surprisingly, I soon see light, There’s a sunrise of many colors,
and birds are cheerfully chirping, I have made it through the night.

My smile grows even wider
and to the new shadow next to me I turn
I’m about to be taught the most valuable lesson I could ever learn.

Jesus, I say, You’ve found me
No, he says
I’m confused as I think I was wrong
Then he turns toward me with a warm heart and says
I’ve been here all along.

The author's comments:
Wrote when I was 10 or 12 :) Jesus is love.

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