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A Piece of Paradise

June 20, 2010
By LaurenJane PLATINUM, Canton, Illinois
LaurenJane PLATINUM, Canton, Illinois
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Blooming Orchids, blushign Roses,
Smiling Lilies, all in sweet poses.
Passion pinks, and gorgeous greens;
Brialliant blues, and silvery things.
Fountains of stone gushing sweet water,
Vines wrapped around an ancient alter.
As the birds boisterous chirping fills the air
I lay in the grass without a care.
A bright blue sky,
With big fluffy clouds;
It is truly a paradise to be found.
Cobblstone pathways wind all about;
Lovely brick benches are spread throughout.Apple, Peach and Pear trees grow,
Maple, Oak, and Weeping Willow.
Laughter of the wind kisses my cheeks,
Oh I could stay here for weeks upon weeks.
The bubbling of a brook is heard across the grass,
Archways and angles made of wood and glass.
These things are a sight to behold, this natural beauty more precious than gold.
Come with me and we'll play without pardon,
Come with me, and we'll sing in our Garden.

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Rasika GOLD said...
on Mar. 30 2011 at 7:42 am
Rasika GOLD, MUMBAI, Other
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Favorite Quote:
dream high ,think high!!!

a perfect wrk .....wonderful piece...