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Silent Stalker

June 30, 2010
By I.Am.Me. SILVER, White Plains, New York
I.Am.Me. SILVER, White Plains, New York
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I whisk past you through darkened air, but you don’t see me.
I stare at you, crunched over, through a broken fence in the middle of nowhere,
While you follow the crowd.
I watch your every move silently speaking.
For I know as happy as you look,
You too are silently seeking.
I respect each and every one of your stupid choices.
I listen to your choir sing, as I hear your song intertwined with other voices.
I am invisible to your eyes.
I don’t wish to be seen or even try.
I enjoy my life as a mutable seer,
Observing your feelings from a faraway peer.
You don’t know I’m aware of your presence at all.
It’s like we’re separated by a strange transparent wall.
It’s not like I’m in love with you,
We’ll never be friends.
But you’re like a hobby I can watch till the end.
Without being disturbed or questioned by a soul,
You’ll never know that you’re my focus to the whole.
Whispers won’t find you oh so far away.
The ocean codes understand you not as you walk down the bay.
But I am behind you always,
Watching from around.
Always observing you pointlessly,
Though never making a sound.

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