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June 29, 2010
By Bianca GOLD, New York, New York
Bianca GOLD, New York, New York
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So you see, I have a problem with nature,
It’s the home to those creatures that I consider
The bane of my existence, yet,
How can I hate something so beautiful?
Something that is so obviously a part of me.
Now I’m not saying I’m gonna go off and join it,
But now I can see it, not just see it,
Now that I’m looking at it, really looking at it,
I can see how what created me, created she as well,
Yeah I’m talking about Mother Nature.
She is awesomely beautiful.
I can sit here and talk about how I can see a bird
Take the wind under its wings,
How I can see her lifting him into the air
Helping him fly,
How she guides him, how the trees sway
Under the cooing wind,
How they allow the breeze to be
Filtered for us through them.
I can tell you how I feel caressed sitting
Here on this bench, I feel her near.
I can describe how the sun just glimmers and reflects
Off the water,
If you just ignore what we have done to it,
Tainted it with our savagery,
You can see how the sky is one with it,
You can see that distance is not as distant
As we believe it to be.
I could tell you this I really could, but
I’m not that kind of poet.
Nor am I adult enough to tell you what to do.
But heed my words, see for yourself
What the magic of the world can do for you.
The beauty that is her is also us.
Just, maybe, if you want, grab hold,
No matter the outside, no matter the pain,
Nothing matters bit that core in you, in me.
Just the beauty that is we.

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