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June 22, 2010
By sugrstix GOLD, Zionsville, Indiana
sugrstix GOLD, Zionsville, Indiana
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I feel so safe
Curled up in your arms
My eyelids become heavy
Draping over my eyes
Your cologne lingers in my hair
And your fingers caress
The nape of my neck
As you pull me in closer
To rest my head on your chest
The television sends out muted noise
Only to be ignored
As we fall asleep
And unconcerned with other points of view
Because at this specific place in time,
This unflawed intimate moment
That we reside in,
There are no interruptions
Just the smell of your cologne
Lingering in my hair
And your gentle touch
On the nape of my neck
As my eyelids close
And permit me a peaceful sleep

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