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all that i ever wanted

June 18, 2010
By forever-and-always GOLD, Auburn, Indiana
forever-and-always GOLD, Auburn, Indiana
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hearts on fire minds on ice. - Terry Fisher

you are my everything
my heart and soul
i thought i had dug my grave
but you pulled me out of that hole
when i am lost in the dark
you are my shinning light
you chase away the darkness
that haunts my dreams at night
you are my strength
that carries me to another tomorrow
you are my hope
that replaced my everlasting sorrow
you are my healer
that healed all my scars cuts and bruises
you are my angel
sent from the brightest of stars
when i thought there was nothing more
and my life was at an end
you came into my life
and my heart you did mend
you are my joy
that filled my empt heart
you made my life whole
when i was torn apart
when i found you
i was free from all torment
you aer my angel
that was heaven sent
you mean so much to me
you are the only one i adore
you are my everything
i could ask for nothing more

The author's comments:
this is from the heart like all of my writtings and drawings are.

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