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How Do They Know?

June 10, 2010
By liz975 SILVER, Hollis, New Hampshire
liz975 SILVER, Hollis, New Hampshire
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How do they know
what’s best for us,
when they can hardly see beyond their own noses,
their own mistakes?

How do they know
how we feel,
when they never care
enough to ask?

How do they know
what to tell us,
when they’re still trying to convince themselves
that they are not mistaken?

How do they know
what we should do,
when they don’t even know
what they are doing?

How do they know
as much as they say they do,
when they are only

How do we know
what to believe
when they only say
what they think we want to hear?

How do they know
all about us
when they’ve never
spent a day in our shoes?

How do they know?

The author's comments:
This is still a work in progress, so any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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