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I am Invisible to You

June 10, 2010
By Fran94 SILVER, Hayward, California
Fran94 SILVER, Hayward, California
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"If you are content with being yourself and never compete or compare, everyone will respect you."

I sit here watching you.
Longing for you.
Wondering if you will ever notice me.
You walk the halls and pass me by,
Don’t bat an eye at me!
Hours go by and I grow tired…
I stare at you from afar,
However, you ignore me. And I feel dumb for
Thinking you would stare back at me.

Days go by and my heart starts to break
For my sake, please notice me
I try to stand out and look my best
I smile more and speak up more
But my core hurts because you don’t see.

Months go by and I finally break down.
But it’s over now…
My heart lets flood gates open and
I let a dart hit it so I can forget my other pain.
Years go by and I forget you altogether.

The author's comments:
My own personal experience of having a crush on someone who didn't know I existed nor felt the same way about me inspired me to write this poem. I hope people will relate to my experience.

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