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June 13, 2010
By beautifuldreamer GOLD, Hanover, Maryland
beautifuldreamer GOLD, Hanover, Maryland
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large, open blue sky,
a bird’s eye, the ocean,
that little drop of dew that collected on a spider web in the early predawn hours

grains of sand,
a young sapling, a small brown fox,
the buds that grew seemingly overnight on the trees, promises of warm weather and prosperity and love

frozen snow falling in slow motion from a grey sky,
the last leaf on a late autumn tree, the first one in the spring,
the bumblebee that flies on despite the overwhelming amount of pollen that has collected on his small legs

the shadow of a far-off mountain,
clouds flocking slowly like a magnet drew them, calm blanketing of the slumbering giant,
the husk, the shell, the hollowed out skin left behind by the small butterfly, the only physical proof that such a fragile, beautiful creature wasn’t always so

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