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June 9, 2010
By Carter SILVER, Lake Forest Park, Washington
Carter SILVER, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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What would happen in the world fell apart
If trees were all ablaze and the sky was dark
If the ground was soaked with the blood of others
And people were falling one after another
Would you cry or yell or scream?
What would it be like to see something so grim?
Look left to see wounded try to escape
Holding some bleeding limb
If your world was plunged into turmoil
If the dead arose by the thousands
If the moon was killed in its nighttime journey
Would you still take a stand?
When shrapnel flies around your head
And you hear the sound go by
Would you still be the one to fight
And maybe be the one to die?
So many say their last goodbyes
And march their way down the road
So many never seen again
Because of the honor they were bestowed
They ride away and fly away
And sail away on ships
All of them to try and save
This world that’s so amiss
They go off to that world of dark, dark sky
That world that seems so terribly awry
And they fight and fight for the good of a country
That sits back and watches while sipping sweet tea
So when they world falls apart
And there’s no peace anymore
Just know that this is no scary story
No, this my friends is war

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