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Global Warming

June 9, 2010
By Carter SILVER, Lake Forest Park, Washington
Carter SILVER, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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It’s the decent of mankind
The destruction of our planet
For years we’ve risen to the top and now we bring ourselves down
Animals? Dying. Our planet? Heating. Our world? Descending into darkness
Right now our planet is like a seesaw
We may tip back into life and growth
Or we might fall into that dark abyss that is global warming
And what are we doing about it?
What’s the big scheme to save us from ourselves?
Is it the solar panels that aren’t created?
Or the biodiesel that isn’t sold?
Or is it the electric cars that aren’t manufactured?
Talking gets us nowhere
So I say to you, big governments
And I say to you, world superpowers
And I say to you, influential powers of the world
Open your eyes and open your ears
Can’t you see the glaciers melting?
And can’t you hear the wild fires burning down our forests?
There are hurricanes out of season
And it’s snowing in March
Can’t you see that our planet is dying?
‘Cause it’s happening right outside your door
We all have to think just for once not about the economy
Nor about waging war on some other country
But about saving our planet
About clearing the smog in the air and cleaning up the garbage in our seas
Just for once can’t we think about what we’re doing to everything around us?
I mean what are we making ourselves
A band of ignorant fools hoping that the planet will straighten itself out?
Or will we aspire to be more than that?
We have the power to save animals
We have the power to respect our home
And we have the power to protect our precious planet from preposterous pollution
Then you turn on your T.V. and see documentaries about glaciers melting and smog in the air and the atmosphere and the Arctic and Polar Bears and landfills and polluted oceans and wildfires and recycling and you say, “STOP!”
“What should I do?”
It may seem confusing, I know
But everyone has the power to do something
And everyone has to do something now to get us out of this mess
We can’t wait to be heroes
We’ve got to save this little blue marble floating in space
‘Cause you know what?
Until we’ve built a settlement on Mars or start living on one of Jupiter’s moons
This place is all we’ve got
So I say to you, big governments
And I say to you, world superpowers
And I say to every one of you listening right now
You’ve got the power.....use it.

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