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Out of Reach Star

June 1, 2010
By LegendTitan30 GOLD, Parker, Colorado
LegendTitan30 GOLD, Parker, Colorado
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Even though,

you liking me is in the past,

I want the past,

to suddenly re-due what it has already done,

I know you know now,

that how,

handsome you are,

with your ocean blue eyes,

with your smile as perfect as God,

and oddly enough you glow,

like the sun in the sky,

I dream about you constantly,

and maybe,

just maybe,

you can feel for me what you did a year ago,

your name is two letters,

but those two letters bring out,

a million different words,





even though no one is perfect,

somehow when I look at you,

you look as a character from a fairy tale,

and I want to be your princess,


someday I want to be with you,

even though it looks right now,

as a star in space,

that is so far away you can only dream,

dream of touching it,

you are like my star,

a star I can not reach,

as if you are already taken,

as a star that is so bright,

and beautiful,

you are too big of a star to reach for,

as you my shooting star,

has already past,

and I made a different wish,

from the pass,

where i thought you were just like every other guy,

but now,

now I know that I missed,

that shooting star,

that is a star that could make me happy,

for the rest of my life,

but I am writing this about you,

when we barley talk any more,

and you have girls chasing you left and right,

and i am probely at the bottom of your list,

because two letter man,

you are a perfect star,

that I can not reach.

The author's comments:
I always never like a guy that likes me, but when he stops liking me I start liking him.....

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