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I am From

June 2, 2010
By CleverK PLATINUM, Missoula, Montana
CleverK PLATINUM, Missoula, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

- Albert Einstein

I am from the redwood forest standing straight and tall
from the Alps full of snow and the little white flowers which grow on its faces.
I am from a small town of two horses
Dirty and dusty; yet the perfect place for me to play
I am from the edelweiss in the middle of a field
the raspberry plant behind my house
too stubborn to grow.
I am from "gotcha" and "Hey that's mine"
from my uncle Brad and my dad
I am from the need to play ping pong and
the want to not clean up.
I am from a tree house on a mountain and
from the birds who nest there
I am from the stories of Noah, David and Jonah
from the Arc, the giant and the fish
I am from Wurzburg in Germany
from the fleet-footed horse and the graceful doe
I am from a speck of sand
from a drop of water that will never go away
I am from the unknown
the ideas that just seem to pop into your head
I am from the group of outsiders
from knowing that you pretend not to notice
I am from myth and Magyc
from that which is never forgotten
I am from the sky
from a place where nothing stops
I am from never being heard
from not stopping to listen
I am from the same picture
drawn hundreds of times
I am from the beauty of suspended art
the big picture staring down at you
I am from all this and much more
perhaps one day I shall tell you the rest.

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