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Two Hearts and Two Souls

June 2, 2010
By Angelkiss415 SILVER, Dewsbury, Other
Angelkiss415 SILVER, Dewsbury, Other
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How I long to hold
And touch him
Fear holds me back
I want to touch him all over
In many different places
Where beauty bursts
Like flowers underneath his clothes
Making me want to stroke
Every petal spreading it's true colours

The fear holds me
It keeps me chained
So I can not move
Fear that he would mistaken
Me for a joke
He's like a hot steamy iron
Steam floats out of his head
I will get burnt if I touched him
Scarred for life
It will sting for days and nights
His horrid look
Full of hate
Would flatten and scold me
The pain will last and be remembered
A laughing stock I will be
In front of my enemies
My hands will never touch again

I wish to be taken
Away with him
To a place more secure
More safe and alone
I don't want to ask him anything
I just want to hold and
Have him in my arms
Just like two souls and two hearts
If he asked me to speak
Nothing will come out of me
Well only three words
I love you!

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