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The Snowy Barn

May 21, 2010
By Soccer33 SILVER, Niwot, Colorado
Soccer33 SILVER, Niwot, Colorado
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The fire is glowing red and hot keeping me and my family warm. Outside it has been snowing for days or more. Every thing that I can see is covered in a thick, soft blanket of snow. There are children outside having snowball fights and making snow angels. As I am looking through the window watching what is going on, there is a distant fog that has formed to my right. Then, somehow magically, the fog disappears as the golden sunlight shines through the pale gray clouds. As I stare closely at what is going on a figure of a barn, the one I see every day as I look out the window, appears. I can see the buckskin and paint horses, the goats, and talented dogs in the pasture.

Then when the reflection of the sun hits the barn just right it is almost to blinding to look at. Yet it is too beautiful to look away. Then the sunlight starts to fade back into the pale clouds and the fog forms back. I know that, that is another one of the amazing and beautiful sights I will ever get to see.

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