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May 23, 2010
By h3yth3r3 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
h3yth3r3 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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With our eyes we see,
With our eyes we are blind
if we don't believe

With our ears we hear,
With our ears we are deaf
if we only listen to oneself

With our mouths we speak,
With our mouths we have no voice
if the voice does not speak up

With our lungs we breath,
With our lungs we suffocate
if we talk without thought

With our hearts we love,
With our hearts we hate
if we aren't open-minded

With our bodies we are strong,
With our bodies we are weak
if we don't stand up

With our lives we live,
With our lives we perish
if we don't fulfill our dreams

The author's comments:
Some, or most people use these things to sense and stay alive, but they do not use them to enjoy and really live. And because of that, they do not value anything.

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