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The Watcher

April 29, 2010
By marsbareater12 SILVER, Somerville, Other
marsbareater12 SILVER, Somerville, Other
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The long white veil flies off her head
She barely notices, caught up in young love
But the watcher knows better.
As the veil lands on the ground
It is soaked with melted snow
The tears flow down his face.
He walks over,picks it up
He wipes a smear of blood on the perfect white
and then drops it again.
The tears hit the snow
Now flowing freely
For no one can see him collpse.
You may think him weird
But their is a method to his madness
As there rarely is in life.
You see, he once had someone very dear to him once
It seems like a lifetime ago
His world was complete with her.
But she claimed it didn't work out
And she ran
Far, far away.
The watcher waits
Never moving
Never getting over it.

The author's comments:
This was uinspried by a thought, of what would it look like if a white veil was covered in dirt on the ground. And then i started writing..............

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