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Open Doors

May 5, 2010
By AlexaBeth SILVER, Stewartstown, Pennsylvania
AlexaBeth SILVER, Stewartstown, Pennsylvania
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My mother always said when one door closes, another will surely open.
But what if a door once closed for the better of my being reopens, calling my name and pulling me towards it.
Do I take the steps backward into my so called “happiness”?
Do I step back into my comfort zone out of fear and settle for less than I am? I think not.
I continue to wander these halls of doors opening and slamming shut before my face.
I hear my name called into every one of them.
Taunting me with their desires and pushing my head into confusion.
My mind is spinning wild as the voices come from every direction.
Which door to choose? Just by the entrance of one door,
I could be led down the road of an unsatisfying lifestyle rather than the life of eternal bliss I had imagined.
Do I let my curiosity take me through the doors I please?
Just like the naivety of a child’s hand to a burning flame, one wrong door
can be the result of unneeded pain.
But choose wisely and all my dreams will be set before me.
With the result of the correct door,
All the joys of life will be placed in the palm of my hand.
The voices so loud now I can hardly think.
Each door seems full of promise-how can one tell the right door from all those so deceiving?
The curiosity builds but I know to stand my ground and not to choose with Foolishness.
I pray the Lord might lead me through the right one, but still feel so astray.
I have wandered for days, searching for the right path.
The voices still screaming in my ears.
I try to block them out. I won’t let them have control of me any longer.
With my mind wide open along with my eyes
I continue to walk down this hallway that seems to be endless.
I continue my prayers of finding the life I need to Lead.
I begin feeling drawn to a certain door; on I had heard nothing from.
NO voices. Nothing luxurious about it unlike the others, yet I can’t seem to stay away.
I walk closer as my feet take me faster.
One step up to the door, but don’t dare to walk in. Is this the path for me?
The voices have stopped completely now.
It’s strange the door can hold such beauty even without the glamour of all the others.
Its simplicity amazes me.
Behind this door seems to be the unread chapters of my life,
but has this door written the right book for me?
I cannot take the questioning any longer,
I step one foot into the doorway.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem at a time where I felt I was constantly in a state of confusion. Growing up can be hard, and learning to make the big decisions on your own can be extremely difficult. The main problem that sat on my mind as I wrote this poem was trying to figure out the right "door" or path God wants me to choose, and not choosing the one I want. It's something I'm still learning, and sometimes I feel it's the hardest. There isn't always a right and wrong way to do things, sometimes you have two promising paths, but you need to ask God what which one HE wants you to take rather than taking the one you desire. I've also realized that God comes to you in simple ways, unlike the ways the world does, attracting us to the glamorous things that truly don't matter. It's been about a year since I wrote this poem, I'm still wondering the "hallway" of life as is everyone else, and I still mistakenly choose the alluring doors the world opens for me, but as I grow up I find the importance in choosing God's doors instead of my own.

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