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The Morning Catch

May 4, 2010
By BeautifulRescue GOLD, Olathe, Kansas
BeautifulRescue GOLD, Olathe, Kansas
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if you are curious. I can also write a poem about most anything, so if you have a topic you want written about, just ask. :) (I hate the 250 characters thing!)

I've been jumping from the tops of buildings...

Soaring through the icy depths
searching for a glimpse of fin.
Protected from the icy bite
by silky feathers on her skin.

She knows she must
find food enough for two.
For her young there is
nothing she won’t do.

She catches sight
of silver nearby.
She dives and snatches
in a single try.

She swims to surface
and lays down her catch.
She hopes that in a while
there will be many more that match.

She knows that this small fish
will be for her little one.
She gets back to work knowing that
there is much more to be done.

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