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The Feeder

May 3, 2010
By citygirl_tawni SILVER, Ottawa, Other
citygirl_tawni SILVER, Ottawa, Other
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I am too old to do this many

But she was too young to leave

He’s too busy to even think twice

His mind set on one thing

One two many of wrongful actions

Led to so many needs

Tis too much for me to handle

All wanting the same things

More care to them then to myself

Look at me, forgotten who I am

I am now known as a the caretaker

Of those who are in need

Days go by so fast, as the sun rises and sets

Same ol’ routine everyday, everyweek, every month

Nothing new, no fresh starts or changes

As I watch them run, there legs in good shape

How dearly I wish I can go back

To the simpler days

When everything felt so right, and everyone was together

Walking down the path bare feet and dirt through my toes

So peaceful and calm, no attention to pain

but now i look in the cracked mirror

and all i see, is an old face whose lived 60 years

years of love, pain, suffer and joy

moments and memories whos have brrought me here

the chapters of my life slowly ending

page by day, line by hour, word by minute

One day the book will end

God only knows what will happen then

all is left to do is pray

pray for the best of everything and everyone.

The author's comments:
I was Inspired from the Book "Ana's Story"

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