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The poisionious apple pie

May 3, 2010
By Butterfly458 PLATINUM, Claymont, Delaware
Butterfly458 PLATINUM, Claymont, Delaware
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Life is short, Art is long. Don't rush your creativity. The longer it takes the better it'll be. It took me almost a month to write my poem "The posionious apple pie".

If I could
I would steal snow whites apple
And use it for myself
Cut it up
Bake it into a seemingly sweet pie
All for you I would say with a smile
You'd smile back and take it
Not knowing abouut the hidden poison
Hidden deep down inside
My hate for you
My anger towards you
Seemingly sweet
But vinomious
Like a cobra
Waiting for its prey in the dark
You take a bite
One bite was all it took
You fall to the ground and squim
Like an earthworm in the hot sun
The poison worked quickly
Liked I hoped it would
No one's going to miss you
I stare into your cold dead eyes
The diease that took my best friend
I stare
Lukimea in it's cold dead face

The author's comments:
MY cousin was my best friend. She had Lukimea for almost ten years. She was only seventeen when she died. I miss her so much but I know she's in a better place right now. R.I.P- Natalia N.
Born- May 12, 1992
Died- May 10, 2009

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