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A Man In A Trench Coat

May 2, 2010
By WordShredder SILVER, Leesburg, Virginia
WordShredder SILVER, Leesburg, Virginia
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James Dean

A man walked down the gravel road,
On a warm summer's night,
In his black trench coat,
He had a gun and some turkish delight

People shy away from him,
They wonder why he doesn't smile,
People wonder if he's a murderer,
Or maybe a pedophile

He walks in long strides,
And he keeps looking at the time,
He gets lost in the summer's breeze,
When his alarm chimes

He wonders why he's expected,
To be happy everyday,
To laugh to sing to dance,
And pretend everything's okay

The man pulls out his alarm,
And throws it on the ground,
He's feet away from the edge,
The wind is the only sound

"it's not okay" he says,
"don't hide what this has become,
Life is better for others,
Than the other some"

He inches to the cliff edge,
With the white-cap water below,
Hundred and hundred and hundreds feet down,
With just one step to go

He inhales deep,
He exhales slow,
He surpresses a weep,
When the wind doesn't blow

He takes off his coat,
And tosses it aside,
He better go soon,
Before low tide

The man takes a step foward,
And rocks begin to crumble,
He'd surely fall,
With one little stumble

He cracks his stiff neck,
He's weak at the knees,
When he suddenly hears behind him,
A series of pleas

"please mr.,
Don't jump off,
You'll fall in the cold water,
And get sick with a cough!"

"and please sir,
Don't leave me here,
To watch you jump,
Gives me great fear"

"i know i'm just a little girl,
And i know you're unhappy,
But my father died,
When he said he'd just take a nappy"

"i know you think you'll kill yourself,
Then everything'll be great,
But i'm begging you to stay here,
Your time for death can wait."

The man turns around to look at this girl,
But she's dissolved in the breeze,
He stays fairly close to the edge,
Had he halluncinated those pleas?

"sir you heard me right,
Please get away from that trap,
The devil might be hungry now,
But he's not getting you, old chap!"

The man kept looking for the girl,
She was no where to be found,
Soon the man got distracted,
From all the looking around

He lost his chance for suicide that day,
But he became a great philosopher they say,
All because of an illusion of a daughter,
That he never had,
He married his wife not a year later,
And their daughter, Hope, was never sad

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