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Faint Hearts

May 4, 2010
By Clover.lace GOLD, Brandon, Mississippi
Clover.lace GOLD, Brandon, Mississippi
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My future seems like one big past.- Paul McCartney

This world isnt for the faintest of hearts.
As we fall further away from our starts.
Or is it life that fills us with boubt?
as it beats you down and makes you pout.
they lure you in with lust and want.
calling your name with their nasty taunt.
they know just how to make you fall,
they'll never give up until you crawl,
you will lie to yourself saying its just a bad dream,
but life is the nightmare that makes you scream.
beauty is decitful to they eyes,
deep inside its really all lies,
you will kick and claw your way back to the top,
just to fall on you face in an abrupt stop.
screaming and fighting will never help,
you just have to stand firm and face this hell.
you may end up on your knees,
you may even end up beginning to bleed,
but you've delt it as best you could,
through all this hell firmly you stood.

The author's comments:
For my friend, deborah.

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