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I Understand

April 28, 2010
By StevieRene SILVER, Magnolia, Texas
StevieRene SILVER, Magnolia, Texas
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Everyone will hurt you, you have to decide who is worth it
- Bob Marley

I understand you’ve grown to fend for yourself
And I know it hasn’t been easy.
See me here, I’m strong for you baby.
I will never say goodbye and I will never give in or say I’ve had enough.
You’re worth dying for and all my sweet words.
Let them choke on there tongues and trip over there own failed attempts to be true.
You and I are more than original.
Were defying there obstacles. We will be the ones preaching on the pedestal.
Rising to the top slipping now, and then.
With grime on our hands we still sport a grin.
I’ve seen days go by with out a speck of reality.
Being half a person takes a toll on the essence of mentality.

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on Jun. 30 2010 at 2:18 pm
MollyLager GOLD, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
\"The real trouble with reality is that there\'s no background music.\"

Wow, I really like this! It flows extremely easily and I can defenitley connect with it. Keep writing. (: