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Immigration & Me

April 21, 2010
By Cigg.Sunn GOLD, Avondale, Arizona
Cigg.Sunn GOLD, Avondale, Arizona
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"When we were yonger, we used to think dandelions were flowers, it's not until we grew up that we begun calling them flowers. Dandelions never changed. Our standards did."

The soil is warm, and wet beneth my feet.
It is new to my senses.
It is new to my life.
The others begin to disperse,
and we now start our new lifes.
A new life away from the poverty,
a life with many opportunities.
I did not come here to harm you.
I did not come here to sell you drugs.
I did not come here to steal your jobs, nor to take your money.
I am here to make a better life.
America is the land of the free, and the home of the brave.
I want to be free,
I want to be brave.
But you stand before me and tell me that I am not like you.
But I have eyes, and ears, just like yours.
I will give you my hands for just a bit of life.
I grew up the same as you,
with a mother,
a father,
and the change to find happiness.
So why do you judge me so?
Why do you tell me I can't work?
All I want is to provided for myself and my up-coming family.
I will work just like you, with my head held high, and my hands dirty.
I did not come here to invade your country,
I did not come here to currupt your nation,
I came here to find an education,
to live life the way it's supposed to be.
I have something to offer, as do you.
I can help in ways, maybe you will never understand.
In ways that make me beautiful.

So why do you judge me so?
Why do you take away my freedom?
Why do you write things on paper giving me options,
I cannot choose between going to jail or going back to my country.
I did not hurt you.
I do not rip you away from your families, from the things you love.
I do not build walls around the things you need.

We are equal, you and me.
We are the same.
The same eyes.
The same ears.
The same heart.
So join hands with me.
We'll be able to make things right.

The author's comments:
A story. A life.

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on May. 19 2010 at 5:50 pm
the_sky_is_blue GOLD, Reno, Nevada
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"Become the change you want to see"-Mahatma Gandhi

Even though my views of immigration differ from yours, I still like this piece becuase it portrays their point of view very well.  For a minute or two, I was able to step into their shoes.  Good write and keep writing!