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Impossible Friend

April 18, 2010
By sharpquill DIAMOND, Brookfield, Wisconsin
sharpquill DIAMOND, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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Everyone wants a piece of me
for their own
Not knowing it is me
They just want to know
Who they are, what I think
To ensure that they are who they want to be
That I see them the way they wish I would

But he knows who he is, what they think
He just wants me
He just wants to know
how I see through my pen
which words start to flow
when I'm thinking of him

So I'm writing this poem for my awesomest friend
my changingest friend
my unreasonable friend
I'm writing this poem for my impossible friend
Who dives without thinking
Survives without sinking
Lies without blinking
to the impossible world

My impossible friend,
Perfectly pathetic and confidently confused
Well-suited for
this impossible world
But he'd never make it without
this impossible girl

I'm writing this poem for my impossible friend,
and though it doesn't say what I meant it to say
it's okay because he's going to argue it anyway
insisting that it is

Go on, my impossible friend.
You'll still go far in this impossible world
as long as you've got
this impossible girl.

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