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escaping within false words

April 17, 2010
By White-pallet GOLD, Havelock, North Carolina
White-pallet GOLD, Havelock, North Carolina
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"When there is snow on the ground, I like to pretend I'm walking on clouds."

you keep your mouth shut,
but I know
on the tip of you tounge
is the sweet taste of a lie
begging to be let out
into the crisp air.
let it go.
I beg you please.
go ahead and tell me a lie,
convince me that this chaos isn't real.
fool me, I dare you.
come on I'm waiting.
so go forth and lie to me cause it'll be the closest thing to
in this wretched place.

The author's comments:
yet another poem written on whim about wanting to escape life through lies (in a sense.)

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on May. 30 2010 at 11:55 am
DaylightDarkness SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
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Everyone's crazy. You know why? We all want to be normal. Well, we cant define normal, and, the people you can point at and say, well isn't he/she normal are rare. Doesnt that kind of defeat the pupose of normal? -My Friend

I agree. Five stars. This is incredible.


on May. 11 2010 at 12:21 pm
Boosflash DIAMOND, Papillion, Nebraska
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What the front door.

youre the best. "it'll be the closest thing to truth in this wretched place". hmm...well how about that..........5 stars captain.