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The Test

April 10, 2010
By RobertoO PLATINUM, Barrington Hills, Illinois
RobertoO PLATINUM, Barrington Hills, Illinois
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Entering the room,
Nerves fluttering,
Fingers tingling,
Stomach churning,
The teacher closes the door

The test is being passed out.
The teacher walks through the aisles
All the nervous chatter,
Suddenly transformed,
Into a stern silence

Writing your name on the paper,
For every second counts,
You wrote it wrong,
Your own name,
As you were basking
In the thick shadow,
Of an inevitable nightmare

Question 1
You ponder,
As you blankly stare
At the piece of paper,
That holds the difference
Between success,
And utter failure

Minutes pass,
Nerves rise,
The clock
Continuously ticks,
Mocking you,
Along with the
Seemingly harmless
Piece of paper;
The duo,
The combination,
Creating abundant

Question 2
Question 3
Question 4…
Left answerless,
All is a blur,
Developed in the degrading confusion,
Heart rapidly pounds,
Minutes diminish,
All wasted,
Hope is lost

“5 minutes left”,
The teacher states lightly;
Fear transforms into anger,
The unknown transforms
Into the regretted.
Questions rise;
Shall I cheat?...
As an act
Of utter desperation.

“Time's up!”
The very words
Make to shutter,
As they penetrate deeply
Into your soul,
Crushing your dreams;
The paper
Is reluctantly handed in,
As your eyes flood with tears;
Your procrastination
Has inevitably
Into depression;
You have failed…

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