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Words for a Friend

April 9, 2010
By SOSaiXD PLATINUM, Oviedo, Florida
SOSaiXD PLATINUM, Oviedo, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Always believe that everything happens for a reason. If you give God long enough to prove His point, He will always blow you away."

Until dawns the day of acceptance
No faith can be justified
No claims are brought into light
And no solution is possible
Until hearts let go of impossibilities

Letting go hurts
Like and as two souls, once one, parted
Only with knowledge of what is yet to come
And certainty in what is
Can the accomplishment in mind become reality

Three can't be two and one at once
They must be one or nothing
Now tell me, is the pain worth it?
Is the cost worth that purchase?
With no certainty will three as one remain

False notions of irony
Are but nuances of hidden pain
In what way is this resolved?
Only by faith, hope, and trust
Will a whole person exist still afterwards

Only truth is permitted by success
None bearing false witness will have persistent joy
For no help can be given to lies
And no good fortune to them of deceit
Trust favors the honest

Closed off from love is not a way to live
Open to hurt, vulnerable, is happiness
Pain may come, but regret will not
Hearts were made to join
Lives were created with and for care and compassion

Stability is no guarantee
But new can be found to compliment, not replace, the old
With effort, both can be kept and new hope found
People show up at the right times
Find comfort in those who come and who remain

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