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Why are Teenagers " the bad ones "

April 4, 2010
By KevinM PLATINUM, Xxxxx, Arkansas
KevinM PLATINUM, Xxxxx, Arkansas
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Teens are considered bad
but why

we don't murder like an adult
we don't cheat people out of money like the goverment
we don't rape small children like some adults do
we don't have a say but in only a few things

yes some teenagers
do drugs

but so do adults
and not all teens or adults do that

we are in school 8-9 hours a day
and sleep 10

what are we supposed to do in our free time

we are called bad the day we turn 13
we are discrimanaed against starting at 13

our insurance is higher cause we " cause" wrecks
so do adults

but nothing changes
we are "bad" from 13-20 so give us a reason to be "good" in your eyes
when we are "bad" we have nothing to loose we can never be "good"in your eyes so we started giving up trying cause of you

The author's comments:
Stupid people that tell us your are a "bad"person cause your 14

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