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Unsuspecting Ally

April 6, 2010
By Ashleigh909 GOLD, Buford, Georgia
Ashleigh909 GOLD, Buford, Georgia
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One against one thousand cannot win. I am the one. I stand out, I am brilliant but I am the one in the thousand and I cannot fight alone. The thing about allies is that there is always some way they can let you down. Whether that way be purposeful or not makes no difference. There is a way, and so a weakness. And yet you are an ally and I see no margin for error. I may be wrong, but I may be correct, and there may yet be reason to keep you. Goodnight, my newly found ally, and may the night bring you great hope and the gift of love. Dream sweetly, for someone as good an ally as you deserves to dream so beautifully. I bid you... goodnight with this the story of the unsuspecting ally.

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