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April 6, 2010
By FrenchHornGirl GOLD, Shreveport, Louisiana
FrenchHornGirl GOLD, Shreveport, Louisiana
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Their silence cuts
Right to my heart
Like the sharp blade of a knife
And I can’t run away

What they haven’t done
Hurts more than what they have
Their silent intent is obvious:
I am not one of them

Their smiles come only
When others are around
But they don’t mean them
No, not at all

Alone in the corner
Can’t remember what it feels like
To smile, to laugh
Don’t cry, now’s not the time

But not by my own choosing
I seem to be transparent
Everyone looks right through me

They don’t understand -
I have feelings and opinions
Yes, I’m shy,
But I’m a human, too

Not that it matters
Either way
I’m stuck in this corner
And my heart is bleeding…


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