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The Truth

April 2, 2010
By Nnedimma2 SILVER, Arlington, Texas
Nnedimma2 SILVER, Arlington, Texas
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"Do not be deceived:Evil companionship corrupt good morals."

The truth is that I love you so much.
The truth is that you are my world.
The truth is that you are my everything.
The truth is that you are not good for me.
The truth.
The truth is that most people don't want the truth.
No matter how much we say we want it, which is a lie.
The truth is bitter, and lies are sweeter.
Lies will keep you in a blissful state of mind, but will leave you in ignorance.
Ignorance is bliss and most people love this.
I guess I'm one of those people because I enjoy the blissful ignorance of loving you.

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