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2,437 Steps Away

March 29, 2010
By Escaped GOLD, Litchfield, Illinois
Escaped GOLD, Litchfield, Illinois
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"Lets go make daisy chains in the grass, but only if its 74 degrees or above. I would like to fall in love with you." (:

As I number the steps I take underneath the night's black sea of diamonds
She runs playfully ahead, so agile, so childlike
Hazelnut hair gently imposing against her flushed cheeks and luminous smile
I watch her pause near the end of the hill
Her chest slowly rising, and then falling beautifully
Memories of her head upon my shoulder flooded my mind
“If she only knew...”
Quickly I was brought back to reality by her melodic laughter
It melted my heart…
“Julian?” I heard her say, her voice sounding as if I was underwater
“Julian, where are you?!” She cries into a panic
“I’m right here Amanda, sheesh calm down.” I chuckle coming to her side and taking her palm into my own
Her wide, gleaming, exotic green eyes took in every aspect around her
“Two thousand, four hundred, thirty-seven” I sighed
Her eyes shifted toward me and met my hypnotized gaze in confusion
I quickly shot her the same look back, “What Amanda?”
She jerked from my unintentional aggressive tone, “Wha-what were you counting?”
“The steps we took to make it to the top of the hill.”
She seemed to be even more confused, “Why..?”
I laughed, “I was bored that’s all.”
“Okay.” She simply said shrugging her shoulders and sitting in the bold colored green grass
How it hugged around her ankles…I wanted to do that
“Sit!” She pleaded pulling me down and I sat beside her as she laid her head upon my shoulder
My heartbeat picked up pace and I wiped my forehead
I don’t know how she never noticed that I got nervous when she did these kind of things
Amanda moved her long hair of dark chocolate silk behind her back and breathed softly against my neck
My mind was cool, collected at this moment
“..I love-I love that new movie Transformers, you seen it?” I stopped myself before I went too far
“Yes I loved it too.” She whispered
“I-” I began again but she cut me off
“You mean a lot to me Julian, you’re my best friend.”
And that was the reason why I counted the steps in between us to reach the hill
Because I was always 200,437 steps away…from letting her know I loved her

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