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March 8, 2010
By ToryZoe GOLD, Norwalk, Connecticut
ToryZoe GOLD, Norwalk, Connecticut
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"who you are is what you have done;
who you will be is what you do now"
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Soon I will take my last breath when I lay down to sleep for the forever night. When I sleep for good.
But I won’t really be asleep it will look like it though when i look so peaceful. It will feel like it when my hand is colder than ice, soft as sand. Never to move again. It will sound like it though when I’ve whispered my last goodbye and I am so sorry I put u through this. Never to speak again. But remember I will always be with you no matter what. I will fight Hades, hell, and god himself and do my best to protect you like you protected me. Though I’m sorry to say this because I know it hurts you so. Please don’t be upset please. Just know no matter what I will always be with you.

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